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Lakeview Network Solutions Limited is a world class consulting organization providing a variety of services and solutions to global businesses based primarily in the Canadian, American and Caribbean markets. We specialize in Networking, bridging business requirements to technology based solutions, and ultimately assisting organizations to achieve business goals and objectives as it relates to technology.


Lakeview Networks is comprised of a team of networking professionals with over 100 years of industry experience, each holding various coveted and industry recognized certifications. .

We provide services to various Fortune 1000 companies including Service Providers and small to medium size businesses. No customer is too small or large to benefit from the services offered by Lakeview Networks.

We pride ourselves in delivering unprecedented service and quality to our customers. With Lakeview Networks, customers can expect to receive world-class solutions while receiving personal attention and support for all your requirements. We are so confident in our ability to exceed customer expectations that we offer non committal services, and no term agreements are required with Lakeview Networks.




An organization's network serves as the critical backbone for all communication requirements needed to support the business. This may include voice, video, and various business critical (and non-business critical) data applications. For many businesses, network downtime and failures result in lost productivity, revenues, and degraded customer service. As a result, the corporate network needs to be reliable in meeting specific performance requirements in order to support specific business needs.
Small businesses will appreciate the personalized service and care they receive from Lakeview Networks, while large businesses will benefit from our many years of experience. Regardless of the size of job or organization, Lakeview Networks provides personalized service along with our satisfaction guarantee.
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Network Design
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An organizations network serves them as the critical backbone for all communication requirements.

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